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Crowd Supply Project of the Month

This month's Crowd Supply featured project is HealthyPi v3 - Health HAT for Raspberry Pi!

HealthyPi v3

HealthyPi is the first fully open-source, full-featured vital sign monitor. Using the Raspberry Pi as its computing and display platform, the HealthyPi add-on HAT turns the Raspberry Pi into a vital sign monitoring system.

Who Needs the HealthyPi?

The simple, highly integrated design of the HealthyPi results in ease of manufacturing, more reliability, and lower cost. Nonetheless, some of the analog chips used here are the same ones present in professional patient monitoring systems.

We have ensured that the entire system is easy to use, makes it easy to add features, easy to customize, and easy to reproduce too, if you wish. The PCB design itself is simple and the software design is simpler.

You can get as deep into the technical details of the HealthyPi as you want. Just want to use it as a data monitor? Perform the default install and you’re ready to start using it right away. Are you a serious software hacker trying to make the software more efficient and the algorithms more intelligent? You can do that too.

HealthyPi v3

Healthy Pi 3 HAT Kit includes:

To learn more about the HealthyPi check out our latest project!