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Bourns® presents their MF-GSMF series of multifuse polymer PTC resettable fuses. These devices have been designed to protect against both overcurrent and overtemperature events within the products’ designated specifications. This series employs Bourns’ innovative freeXpansion design for increasing the performance of the resettable fuse with a higher hold current, a higher maximum voltage, improved resistance stability, and a smaller footprint. Other features of these PTC resettable fuses include high-power ratings, a low profile design, the use of a standard footprint, can be used in automated assembly, and are compatible with lead and lead-free solder reflow profiles. Primary applications include telematics with CAN, Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, and UMTS/LTE, industrial controls, IEEE ports, and portable consumer electronic I/O port protection.

8/14/2019 1:15:45 PM

Part List

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PTC RESET FUSE 36V 3A SMDMF-GSMF300/36X-2PTC RESET FUSE 36V 3A SMD1710 - SofortDetails anzeigen