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Image of Molex's Micro-Fit 3.0™ Interconnect System
Micro-Fit 3.0 Interconnect System

The Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 is a unique interconnect system designed to meet the need for a high contact density signal or power connector.

Image of Digi CORE® Plug-In Modem
Digi CORE® Plug-In Modem

Digi’s modular LTE connectivity with Carrier Smart Select™ and dual SIM support across major carriers for optimal mobile network access.

Image of Molex's MX150 Off-The-Shelf Cable Assemblies
MX150 Off-the-Shelf Cable Assemblies

Molex's off-the-shelf MX150 cable assemblies offer a 22 A current rating and a variety of cable lengths for automotive and commercial vehicle applications.

Image of Flex Power Modules' PKB4216C Series Direct Converters
PKB4216C Series Direct Converters

Flex Power Modules' PKB4216C DC/DC converter has an industry-standard eighth-brick footprint designed for powering radio frequency power amplifiers.

Image of Diodes Incorporated AL5810Q AEC-Q100 Linear LED Driver
AL5810Q AEC-Q100 Linear LED Driver

Diodes' AL5810Q simplifies the design of LED drivers by setting the LED current with an external resistor using standard value resistors.

Image of Amphenol RF's AUTOMATE™ Mini-FAKRA Type-A Connectors
AUTOMATE™ Mini-FAKRA Type-A Connectors

Amphenol's AUTOMATE™ Mini-FAKRA connector series is a space-conscious, high-performance interface central to the next generation of vehicle applications.

Image of Luminus Devices Family of Horticulture Lighting Solutions
Family of Horticulture Lighting Solutions

Luminus’ COB and mid-power LEDs offer extensive options that are the perfect solutions for a variety of applications in the horticulture field.

Image of Renesas RA2E1 Single-Chip Microcontroller
RA2E1 Single-Chip Microcontroller

Renesas’ RA2E1 single-chip microcontroller features a 48 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M23 core and up to 128 kB code flash and 16 kB SRAM memory.

Image of TE AMP High-Power Pin and Socket ICCON
High-Power Pin and Socket ICCON

The TE ICCON Block and ICCON Insert high-power pin and socket products can offer flexible design options for applications up to 350 A.

Image of Analog Devices' ADL8104 Low Noise Amplifier
ADL8104 Low Noise Amplifier

Analog Devices' ADL8104 low noise amplifier has OIP2 of 52 dBm (typ) at 0.6 GHz to 6 GHz, making it suitable for military and test instrumentation applications.

Image of Panasonic's EKMB/EKMC Series Ultra-Slight Motion PIR Sensors
EKMB/EKMC Series Ultra-Slight Motion PIR Sensors

Panasonic’s EKMB/EKMC series ultra-slight motion PIR sensors have an advanced pyroelectric sensor design that improves the accuracy of detection.

Image of Infineon's Health and Lifestyle Wearables
Health and Lifestyle Wearables

Infineon is developing smart watches, sports watches, fitness trackers and healthcare wristbands for today’s connected generation.

iMX RT Series
iMX RT Series

NXP’s new i.MX RT series is the industry’s first crossover processor providing high performance & real-time functionality to your current design process.

Image of Analog Devices' ADL8150 Low Phase Noise Amplifier
ADL8150 Low Phase Noise Amplifier

Analog Devices' ADL8150 features inputs and outputs (I/Os) that are internally matched to 50 Ω, and facilitates integration into multichip modules (MCMs).

Image of Renesas' ISL81801 80 V Bidirectional Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller
ISL81801 80 V Bidirectional Synchronous Buck-Boost Controller

Renesas' ISL81801 is a true bidirectional 4-switch synchronous buck-boost controller with peak and average current sensing and monitoring at both ends.