New Product Discoveries - Talon's MangOH Red and SolidRun's CuBox-i

At Digi-Key Electronics we want to make sure you get the products you need when you need them. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned engineer or looking to develop a personal project at home, we want you to be familiar with these products prior to purchase so you make the right choice for your application. Today I am going to introduce two products; one for advanced development and another that is utilized by people with backgrounds in various fields (not just electronics).

The first product I am presenting today is the MangOH Red Cellular Development Platform from Talon Communications. The MangOH Red is an open-source project sponsored by Sierra Wireless. Sierra Wireless is primarily known for their cellular modem products in the IoT industry. The MangOH Red provides you with a socket to swap out different Sierra Wireless modules based on what you require for your application. Additionally, it has a SIM card holder mounted on the back of the board to enable you to connect to a cell network. On top of all that there is a section on the board for connecting other boards that Sierra Wireless has developed, or, since it is an open-source platform, boards that you have developed specifically for your application. All-in-all the MangOH Red is a great tool for developing the next big Internet of Things product. Curtis, from Applications Engineering, did a write up on the MangOH Red that provides some more information on the development platform.

Single board computers (SBCs) have really taken off in the mainstream over the last few years. More and more products like the Raspberry Pi or Arduino are being utilized by not just electronics designers and makers, but by people with varying degrees of electronics backgrounds. With the advancement of single board computers, suppliers like SolidRun have developed more sophisticated versions of traditional SBCs. Today you can get anywhere from one to four core processors in a finished package. The CuBox-i from Solid Run is a perfect example where these products are headed. The CuBox-i is in a two-inch cube with connections for Ethernet, USB, microUSB, eSATA, HDMI, MicroSD, and optical audio. With a low price point, the series of CuBox-i single board computers pack a large punch in a small box. For more in-depth details on how to get the CuBox-i up and running, check out the blog post entitled “ CuBox-i by SolidRun – Quick Start Guide” on TheCircuit.

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