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Image of Flexxon WORM SD and microSD Cards
WORM SD and microSD Cards

Flexxon’s WORM SD and microSD cards protect important documents, keeping them safe and intact and ensuring high levels of integrity and data security.

Image of Twin Industries' Combination Protoboards
Combination Protoboards

Twin Industries' combination boards combine standard prototyping boards with solderless breadboard modules.

Image of MCC's Automotive Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
Automotive Schottky Barrier Rectifiers

MCC's automotive Schottky barrier rectifiers have up to 200 V (VBR) and 5 A to 15 A [IF(AV)] capacities.

Image of Littelfuse's Nano2® 200 A High Breaking Capacity UMF Fuse – 443E Series
Nano2® 200 A High Breaking Capacity UMF Fuse – 443E Series

Littelfuse's Nano2® universal modular fuse (UMF) complies with IEC 60127-4 safety standards with the capability to interrupt 200 A surge at 250 VAC or VDC.

Image of Telit's SL871L GNSS Module
SL871L GNSS Module

Telit's SL871L is the evolved variant of the SL871 family of modules based on the low-power Mediatek MT3333.

Image of Eaton's TVS Diodes SMC Size 1,500 W – 5,000 W Surface Mount Transient Protection
TVS Diodes SMC Size 1,500 W to 5,000 W Surface Mount Transient Protection

Eaton's surface mount, industry-standard low profile SMC size surge suppressors are offered with 1,500 W up to 5,000 W peak pulse power capability.

Image of  Sanyo Denki SanMotion Products' SM Series 2-Phase Stepping Motors
SM Series 2-Phase Stepping Motors

Sanyo Denki SanMotion Products' F2 SM series 56 mm sq. 2-phase stepping motors improve machine speed, contributing to energy savings.

Automotive Solutions
Amphenol RF Automotive

Amphenol RF provides the industry’s next generation of automotive technology, supporting the evolving automotive innovation, AUTOMATE offers improved performance & reduced size. Learn more at Digi-Key!

image of Microchip Technology's  LAN8670/1/2 Family of 10BASE-T1S PHY
LAN8670/1/2 Family of 10BASE-T1S PHY

Microchip Technology's LAN8670/1/2 10BASE-T1S PHYs offer high performance in a small footprint, enabling connections to standard systems of low-speed devices.

Image of Texas Instruments' TSER953 V3Link Serializer
TSER953 MIPI® CSI-2 V3Link Serializer

Texas Instruments' TSER953 MIPI® CSI-2 V3Link serializer is designed for high-speed, high-resolution cameras, radar, and other sensors.

Image of Renesas' RAA223011/12/21 700 V AC/DC Buck Regulator Family
700-V-AC/DC-Abwärtsregler-Familie RAA223011/12/21

Die RAA223011/12/21-Familie nicht isolierter Abwärtswandler von Renesas besteht aus AC/DC-Abwärts-Schaltreglern mit Universaleingang, die über einen integrierten 700-V-MOSFET verfügen.

Image of Texas Instruments' TPS563211 Synchronous Buck Converter
TPS563211 Synchronous Buck Converter

Texas Instruments' TPS563211 synchronous buck converter is suitable for applications such as wired networking, STBs, and more.

Image of Texas Instruments' OPA2991-Q1 Automotive Dual Low Power Op-Amp
OPA2991-Q1 Automotive-Grade Dual Low-Power Op-Amp

Texas Instruments' OPA2991-Q1 automotive dual low-power op-amp is a robust, high-performance solution for high-voltage industrial applications.

Image of Taitien's OA-M Type Crystal Oscillator
OA-M Type Crystal Oscillator

Taitien's OA-M is a programmable, differential output crystal oscillator in a 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.9 mm ceramic package ideal for hardware applications.

LPS22DF MEMS Nano Pressure Sensor - STMicroelectronics
Nanodrucksensor LPS22DF

Der LPS22DF von STMicroelectronics ist ein extrem kompakter piezoresistiver Absolutdrucksensor mit den Funktionen eines Barometers mit digitalem Ausgang.